In China, people are paying close attention to others' responses to their updates in the Moments and the level of their role in the online game every day. It demonstrates the increasing diversification of people's online life. As Zhai Shanying forecasts, people's online living space is increasingly like an ecological nation. 

As the world's manufacturer is moving up the value chain, China, is focusing their current five-year economic plan on a critical service industry: healthcare. The goal of realizing a "Healthy China" will need inbound investment and international cooperation to develop a truly modern healthcare industry.

China's most populous province boasts the Shaolin temple and is widely recognized as the home of Chinese martial arts. Henan is also an important cradle of the Chinese civilization. With the nation's tremendous development over the past four decades of opening and reform, Henan's position in both China's economy and society has become increasingly important and now looks to become a key logistics centre in China's "Belt and One Road" strategy. 

As Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, approaches, people all across China prepare for the biggest festival of the year.

Awe-inspiring story of a non-profit organization teaching Traditional Tibetan Art! Rangtang Jonang Intangible Cultural Heritage Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching traditional Tibetan art and the preservation of Tibetan cultural heritage. Rangtang is on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the ‘roof of the world’ where more than 60 mountains exceed 4,500 meters above sea level. This center offers incredible opportunities for young people, who come from poor family backgrounds or are unemployed.

Su YongJun has a very interesting job, he makes glazed tiles. His family has been producing glazed tiles for over 680 years. He is the eighth-generation inheritor of Taiyuan city’s Su-style glazed tiles techniques. When he was young, he used to work in another sector; he didn’t know how to make the tiles. Later, he understood and recognized the cultural heritage his family had. He started to learn and through the years he gained deep knowledge in the production of these amazing pieces of art.

Seqinglamu is the main character of this inspiring story. She lives in the southeast of the Tibetan plateau. It’s a special region called Rangtang County in the west of Aba Prefecture, Sichuan province, China. She studied Thangka painting at Rangtang Jonang Intangible Cultural Heritage Center in Rangtang Town. Thangka is a form of scroll painting originated around the 8th century from Buddhism in the Tibetan region.