Railway as an alternative for an efficient, fast and inexpensive way of transportation. In the last years, the Chinese government has invested billions in order to improve Eurasian rail connections. In Europe, countries like Germany have an excellent infrastructure, in fact, they transport products not only from their own country but also from the ones nearby.

Since 2013, China has been working on the initiative: “One Belt, One Road (OBOR)”. The China-Europe Block train, which is also known as:“The Modern Silk Road”,  is one of the most important points of this project. Through this initiative, it is possible to understand a little better, perceive and feel in fact the proximity that exists between the different countries influenced by this venture.

Since the beginning of time, rice dumplings have been a quintessential element at the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. Each year, Chinese across the country make rice dumplings to honor Qu Yuan. He is a patriotic poet whose sacrifice was the impetus for this famous festival. Rice dumplings vary in shapes and flavors -- with Quanzhou famous for its special version. Dong Jie Zhong Lou's Rice Dumpling Restaurant is located in Quanzhou. The family-owned business has weathered more than a century of economic ups and downs.

Have you ever seen a person running on the water... Well, Master Shi Liliang definitely knows how to do it. The Southern Shaolin Monastery is located in the city of Quanzhou,  where centuries of Kung Fu (功夫) and Buddhist tradition collide with the modern China. There are different kinds of martial art styles in China; which will change depending on the region and where the styles were originated.

The Buddhist Monks from Longquan Monastery, located in the Haidian District of the capital of China, Beijing, have found an innovative way to spread their beliefs and keep them in time. And is that the monks of the 1000-year-old temple are using up-to-date strategies to share the Buddhist’s wisdom and spirituality within the new and old generations. Using technology the Longquan Temple Comic Centre created "Xian'er", known more easily as, the Robot Monk. And as the name says, yes, indeed, it is a robot.

What is China's "Belt and Road" initiative? And how will it benefit your business? Check out this video exploring the country's Eurasian development strategy, which seeks cooperation and mutual growth between China and other nations around the world.

Master Jing Hui’s memorial ceremony took place at the People’s Hall from Shijiazhuang (石家庄), at the capital of Hebei Province in the north of China. People from different places attended the ceremony, along with famous Chinese Buddhist Monks. They all meet with one common purpose: remember and honor this great personage of the Buddhism’s history.