Veeco Zhao is a Chinese entrepreneur, who after studying fashion design in Paris Fashion Academy, she decided to come back to China and venture into the creation of her own brand. She has participated with success in different exhibitions. Now, she expects to continue this path and be part of more in the near future.

Nicholas Favard is a renowned custom jeweler who amazingly achieves to transmit all his passion through his designs. He has the studies as well as the experience that allows him to create stunning and exquisite pieces. In order to make his jewelry, he uses a wide range of materials, such as titanium, gold, and silver, among others.

Let’s see a short feature outlining Chinese designer Wang Yutao’s distinct style and showcasing his newest collection at the Mercedes Benz 2015 Fall and Winter Fashion Show in Beijing. Wang Yutao presents and describes various pieces of his collection revealing phenomenal and outstanding designs, colors and fabrics. Likewise, he will tell us more about his inspiration for the marvelous 2015 Fashion Show in Beijing. Don’t think more and watch Wang Yutao’s delightful collection.

Kathrin Von Rechenberg, a German entrepreneur of the fashion business, explains the evolution of this famous sector in China. At first, she came to Beijing searching for a new supplier of a particular fabric, traditionally from the south of China. She ended up opening a little fashion house, where her customers are not only from Beijing but also from different provinces in mainland China.

OOAK Boutique is an amazing place where people can find all kind of jewelry, accessories, and clothes with innovative designs and good quality. This fascinating boutique offers their customers exclusive fashion and designer articles from all around the world. Alice Xu is the person behind this intriguing boutique located in one of the most popular districts in Shanghai. Along the video, she will share with us her life experience and how this business idea was born. Come on & let’s go shopping.

Spanish designer in China! Celia Bernardo is the leading character of this interesting story. She is originally from the Iberian Peninsula, more exactly, Spain. She has her own studio and her own showroom in Shanghai. Since 2010, she has been working in this amazing market full of opportunities and interesting prospects.

Alicia Lee is a talented fashion designer full of creativity and originality. Since she established her start-up in 2008, she has been designing innovative pieces targeting women around 30 years old with a good job. Likewise, she was aiming for those women which were and are searching for something different and unique, looking to empowering them with self-confidence. Alicia Lee says that she is always seeking and implementing new materials.