Dariel Studio was established 10 years ago by Thomas Dariel, a French interior and product designer.

Ji Cheng, a fashion designer in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. Her designs aim for expressing elegance and glamour. Each of her designs is a fusion between East and West. Is impressive how she manages to mix the traditional Chinese embroidery with the western style.

Elizabeth Koch found opportunities in creating innovative and original fashion accessories. She designs and manufactures only hats, but not any kind of hats. They are gorgeous with glamour, colorful, for all kind of occasions and events, and they come even in different sizes, in other words, full of life. In addition, she also offers tailor-make hats, depending on the client of course.

Juma, a fashion brand from New York City, is making its way into China's fashion hungry market! Initially, Juma opened offices in Dalian and Shanghai, looking forward to having the chance of experiencing and getting to know the local market. With the aim of winning new customers, the big apple brand decided to venture with their first pop-up shop in the Four Seasons hotel in the multicultural city of Beijing.

Jewelry: Conventional or made with interesting materials, such as paper, shells, resin, etc., Teng Fei is the first conceptual jewelry artist in China. She is the founder and the current head of the Jewelry Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Teng Fei studied in China and Germany, where she learned different techniques and found new ways to create innovative jewelry. She believes that "each piece must be created according to the individual spirit and temper".

Zumu’s Show was founded by the designer Luo Jie back in 2013. The designer focused in the manufacture of handmade shoes with beautiful and delicate embroidery. It is to highlight that the shoes are full of details, with expressive patterns, where Luo Jie reveals the characteristics of Chinese culture with an international style.

Darui Chen, a Chinese avant-garde furniture designer who has found an exquisite combination between the West and China. Through his designs, he looks forward to making a fusion of traditional Chinese elements in fashionable international pieces.