The large number of murals preserved in the Potala Palace reproduces the history of the Tibetan people's social life in various fields.

Wang Yue-yo is a jewelry designer originally from Taiwan. Her exquisite and unique technique leads to elegant accessories made with natural stones presented in a traditional Chinese style. Because of its artistic designs, her works have been collected as “works of arts” by many people. Wang Yue-yo believes that the larger the stones, the better they can serve as the canvases for her designs.

Sun Hefang has been involved in the jewelry manufacture industry all her life. Through the years her passion for designing and elaborating jewelry has been growing, to the point that now she dedicates her life to create beautiful and lovely designs. Her main inspiration comes from her own childhood memoirs, especially from the amusement parks.

Let’s meet Paloma Sanchez, a Spanish jewelry designer in Beijing. She has been living in China for 10 years, where she has a little and exceptional jewelry shop. All her designs are handmade, full of details and exclusive. She uses materials from all around the world in order to elaborate her colorful and full of life pieces.

Dariel Studio was established 10 years ago by Thomas Dariel, a French interior and product designer.

Ji Cheng, a fashion designer in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. Her designs aim for expressing elegance and glamour. Each of her designs is a fusion between East and West. Is impressive how she manages to mix the traditional Chinese embroidery with the western style.

Elizabeth Koch found opportunities in creating innovative and original fashion accessories. She designs and manufactures only hats, but not any kind of hats. They are gorgeous with glamour, colorful, for all kind of occasions and events, and they come even in different sizes, in other words, full of life. In addition, she also offers tailor-make hats, depending on the client of course.