Azzellini Fabrizio an Italian filmmaker is the main character of this wonderful story. We can describe him as an “adventurous spirit” because of his amazing voyages to foreign countries and his desire to discover new things. He studied at New York Film Academy in the United States. After his graduation, he decided to undertake an incredible travel and discover a new world. At that moment, he had an exciting idea, China was the next adventure. 

Searching for Father! The main character of this interesting story is a Russian video blogger named Valeria Frolova. The last time she saw her father, she was only 5 years old. Her mother explained to her that he went on an Expedition to the South Pole. She missed him all day long. She waited for him every day to come home and share with her all his adventures and experiences. Unfortunately, it never happened.

This short story presents a glimpse of the life of a Chinese voyager in Canberra, Australia. Gavin, is the main character in this amazing and wonderful story. He is the third-generation of a particular business in this magnificent region. The story begins in the early 1900’s when Gavin’s grandfather decides to venture in a courageous trip due to the Gold rush back then.

Incredible opportunities in Meikarta, Indonesia! Meikarta is the first mega project from Lippo Group. Lippo is one of the largest real estate developers and it is located in Indonesia. Moreover, Lippo has a strong international presence not only in Asia but also in North America. Meikarta’s project will benefit a large number of people from Indonesia as well as from other countries in Asia.

On November 22nd was held the 9th China Overseas Investment Fair at the National Convention Center in Beijing, China. The theme of the fair focused on deepening cooperation in international capacity and boosting the development of the One Belt One Road initiative. More than 100 national leaders from around the world and relevant international agencies actively participated in this important and impressive event.

New opportunities in the desert! This amazing story unfolds in the desert of Kubuqi, located in Inner Mongolia in the north of China. The main character is Babu, a 40-year old man who has a very exciting job. He drives off-road vehicles for a living. He tells us that since his childhood, off-road vehicles have been his passion. In other words, his hobby has become his full-time job. Babu lives with his entire family in this breathtaking and exotic land. He and his wife met 15 years ago in Bayannur, a regional city in western Inner Mongolia.

Congratulations! 7 Days in Bailin Temple has received the status of "Preselection" in the 2nd Madrid Art Film Festival 2017. The festival runs September 29-30, 2017 in Madrid, Spain.