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Welcome to BON Cloud Premium, the unique and innovative Mainland China content production and licensing platform. Our main goal is to connect Media Professionals/Businesses/Organisations with a diverse portfolio of China media resources, satisfying your needs and requests. Furthermore, you will be part of BON Cloud Premium Club, where the primary purpose is to generate a sense of community, share comments and suggestions, through our complete Social Media options.

BON Cloud’s Premium private library offers you ready-to-broadcast programs, China-centric shows and stock footage, along with China feature stories from our global production partners. Likewise, our China video stories include different kinds of categories, such as, business, tech, innovation, travel, art, culture, among others.

BON Cloud Premium platform looks forward to not only fulfilling your expectations, but also rewarding you with excellent benefits. Here we share our new core advantages you will be able to access:

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    “At BON Cloud Premium we are rewarded with partnership access to high-quality media content . Since the moment we started working with the platform, the content available have met our needs and even exceeded our expectations. BON Cloud Premium provides us with the best selection of videos about China in English-Language. They offer a variety of topics, such as business, technology, culture, travel, and cuisine etc. allowing us to diversify our collection catering for multiple purposes.”- Tamasin-Veeona

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    The journey of a fish
    Seventy years holding our hands
    Seventy years holding our hands
    China is not far away
    The exhibition opening ceremony of "Sing and Dances in the Sky" was held at Beijing Normal University
    OTEC Helps Entrepreneurs Start Business In China
    Pioneering "7 Days in Bailin Temple" wins Best Documentary Feature at the 2018 Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood
    China's Zhai Shanying Introduces Ecological Nation Theory As Humanity Shifts to a Life Online

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