Looking for Zen?

Zen wisdom guides us and inspires us in our daily lives but it is also a reality we feel far away, not for us to experience directly.

No opportunity to travel to China or Japan and have a chat about our concerns and our lives with the master we read about. Close your eyes and imagine: a peaceful garden, a light wind ad you and wise man answering to all your questions and guiding you through life.

Now open your eyes and face the reality: You cannot go to the Zen; but we decided to bring the Zen to you!

Shifu Says, exclusively presented by BON Cloud, will share a unique journey that improve your mind and soul.

We created a podcast where Master Ming Hai, one of the most significant and renowned Shifu in the world, will reply directly to a pool of selected questions from all of you.

“Shifu Says”, the first podcast that allows you to directly access to the wisdom of Shifu Ming Hai to solve your daily problems, is really about people. About you, who believe in Zen wisdom, about you, struggling with a problem you want some advice for, about you, simply curious, about you, who enjoys listening to a good podcast.

Do not hesitate to find out more, simply click on below button to start exploring the brand new space of listening, learning and sharing, with the best English speaking Zen master in China.