Ellen Douglas travels to a small village in the Yunnan Highlands in the southwest of China. Yunnan is a province that borders three countries Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. In this opportunity, Ellen Douglas meets the Yi People, one of China's proud Ethnic Minorities. They are the seventh largest of the fifty-five ethnic minorities officially recognized in China. Even more, the Yi people aren’t limited to China, they can also be found in other countries, such as Vietnam and Thailand.

Richard Zhang, the Executive Chef of the Yunnan Restaurant in Crowne Plaza Beijing Sun Palace, will share with us an exquisite and flavorful typical dish. In this occasion, he will prepare - Over the Bridge Rice Noodle Soup-, a traditional food from Mengzi, in Yunnan province. Throughout the video, he explains that this recipe is very old, which amazingly have over a hundred years old, among other things. Likewise, he will give us insights and the necessary step-by-step recipe in order to cook this delicious rice noodle soup.

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The Chinese architect, Shuo Wang, transformed an old and forgotten factory building into an awe-inspiring place that reflects the uniqueness of living in a traditional Chinese hutong. It is absolutely impressive how this incredible architect created wonderful living facilities, full of peace, nature, and history.

Xizhou Baba (喜州粑粑) is a typical, special and popular snack from Dali; county city of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in northwestern Yunnan, in the south of China. Xizhou Baba is an extraordinary “pancake”, which includes a crispy skin and a tender experience inside. You may find two flavors, sweet and savory; the sweet style comes with sugar, rose and red bean paste, while savory style comes with minced pork, spiced salt, and spring onion.

Busisiwe Thage is the protagonist of this amazing story in Shanghai, China. She is a very special and a remarkable woman. Busisiwe Thage is the spouse of the South African Consul-General and the President of Consular Spouses in Shanghai. One of her main interests is to look forward how to contribute to the Chinese society. Busisiwe Thage supports and actively participates in philanthropic activities in mainland China, such as fundraising events, direct donations to foundations, among others.

In this occasion, Ellen Douglas will take us through the impressive city of Shanghai, the largest and most populous city in China. Shanghai’s strategic location makes it the largest port city in the world and the Financial Centre of China. In addition to the mentioned facts, Shanghai is also full of history, memoirs, and culture.