On November 25th, Hiersun launched the “I Do Culture Group”, an impressive corporation that looks forward to entering the entertainment market. Its main objective is to create a new ecosystem of Chinese entertainment. In collaboration with the Golden Globe organizers: Hollywood Foreign Press Association, they will focus principally on international cooperation, investing in intellectual property (IP), incubating more creative and innovative projects.

Snow-Lotus has been producing high-quality cashmere clothes since 1965, and they are one of the world leading cashmere fashion brands. Chen Xiaoqing began working for Snow-Lotus in 1983 as an apprentice in the dyeing laboratory; she worked her way up the ladder to become General Manager of the production factory. While most people are mesmerized by the glitz and glam of the red carpet, Chen Xiaoqing is dedicated to making sure the quality of the products stay high.

Fashion, Technology & Sustainability! 3D Printing, incredible backpacks… Fashion Tech was an exceptional and impressive segment of Beijing Fashion Week 2016. During this incredible week, we saw amazing collections full of colors and innovative designs, always under the environmentally friendly flag. Meanwhile, 3D Printing is offering a new option for designers who look for new ways to shape their ideas with inspiring designs and materials.

Linking Art & Autism in China… Kang Rui is the main character of this impressive life story full of challenges. He is one of the marvelous children that belong to Golden Wings Art, a rehabilitation center for children with autism. In this center, they can express themselves through art building an impressive connection with others. Since Kang Rui started going to the rehabilitation center, he has been able to develop new skills and remarkable abilities. He found an amazing way to share his thoughts to the world.

Photographer Cheng Xu focuses on autistic children. As a father, he realizes that parents of autistic kids have more challenges. He hopes his photography can help the children get the support they need. The protagonist of the story is Cheng Xu. He is a concerned photographer focusing on autistic children. Cheng Xu got in touch with autistic children from 2010 when he determined to devote himself to this public welfare undertaking ever since.

Feifei is the main character of this story. She is originally from China and has been living in Poland, Europe for 10 years already. Feifei comes from a town name Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, which is located in China's southeastern coast. Initially, she arrived to Poland looking for new opportunities and a better lifestyle. However, she explains that it wasn't an easy decision to make.

We're continuing our journey throughout Hamburg, one of the largest hubs of the Silk Road Economic Belt! The China-Europe railway is the longest rail in the world; it runs through six countries, over 10,000 kilometers, and impressively it takes less time compared with the maritime transport. Nowadays, the imposing and extraordinary China-Europe Block train has been very successful linking the east and the west, transporting commodities and connecting people.