Discovering the Luoyang Bridge. Iolanta Chomag, a Russian woman, will take us through the city of Quanzhou, more exactly across the Luoyang Bridge on the west side of the city. This bridge is one of the four most famous ancient bridges in China, it was built during the Song Dynasty, and since then it has been restored several times. It is an impressive and imposing work of engineering keeping in mind the epoch in which it was built.

The Buddhist Monks from Longquan Monastery, located in the Haidian District of the capital of China, Beijing, have found an innovative way to spread their beliefs and keep them in time. And is that the monks of the 1000-year-old temple are using up-to-date strategies to share the Buddhist’s wisdom and spirituality within the new and old generations. Using technology the Longquan Temple Comic Centre created "Xian'er", known more easily as, the Robot Monk. And as the name says, yes, indeed, it is a robot.

Dounan Flower Market is located in Yunnan province in the south of China, it is the largest wholesaler of flowers of Asia. Producers and distributors meet in this place in an intense barging with the objective to satiate the demand of the international market. FloraHolland is located in the Netherlands, it is the largest flower auction in the world; they sell more than 20 million flowers and plants per day. FloraHolland is the role model of Dounan Flower Market.

The most famous birds are in town. Since 1985, the red-beaked seagulls have been going to Kunming, a southwestern city from China. The reason of why they arrived 30 years ago is yet not so clear, but what is certain is that they always arrived on time, in winter. All the citizens from this city love and take care of these birds; moreover, they are an inspiration for the artists from different places from China.

Red-beaked seagulls are very popular and important in Kunming every winter these birds arrive to enjoy the amazing weather, plus the tranquility that Kunming has to offer them. Furthermore, the local people are always happy to welcome these beautiful birds and feed them, at the end they are part of their family.

What is China's "Belt and Road" initiative? And how will it benefit your business? Check out this video exploring the country's Eurasian development strategy, which seeks cooperation and mutual growth between China and other nations around the world.

Yunnan honey rose bean cake is one of the specialties of Richard Zhang, Executive Chef of the Yunnan Restaurant in Crowne Plaza Beijing Sun Palace, China. Yunnan honey rose bean cake is a recipe full of flavors and contrasts. As its name says, it is a perfect mixing of honey, roses and white beans among other ingredients, which at the end brings a spectacular combination of tastes. The roses are one of the most important ingredients of this recipe, for this reason, Chef Richard takes the best edible roses in the market.