Have you ever seen a person running on the water... Well, Master Shi Liliang definitely knows how to do it. The Southern Shaolin Monastery is located in the city of Quanzhou,  where centuries of Kung Fu (功夫) and Buddhist tradition collide with the modern China. There are different kinds of martial art styles in China; which will change depending on the region and where the styles were originated.

Qingming Bridge, special, singular, unique... China’s Grand Canal goes from Beijing until Hanzhou through the Wuxi city, in the Jiangsu province. In the downtown of the city, along the Grand Canal is located the Qingming Bridge, which is the most famous and historic bridge in Wuxi. The Qingming Bridge is a spectacular place where people can feel, enjoy and be part of an ancient city.

Quanzhou is a beautiful and fascinating coastal city in Fujian province in the Southeast of China; it has a long history and it is full of contrasts. Given that the city has an excellent, convenient and strategic location, during the Song and Yuan Dynasties, people from different countries arrived to Quanzhou. During these migrations and through time, in the city’s search for new opportunities, they left behind their religious influences.

Do you like Puppets? Well, so don’t miss the chance to get to know the Chinese puppets in Quanzhou... The Jiang Jiazou-style puppet is one of the most traditional handicrafts in Quanzhou. It is not only well-known in this Chinese region but also it is recognized worldwide.

Gaojia opera...  Quanzhou, Fujian, is the place where the Gaojia opera (高甲戏) originated and it is the most widely spread opera in the Minnan area. This popular opera appeared at the end of the Ming Dynasty. The trouper, Wang Qiongfen, is one of the inheritors of this marvelous and beautiful art. She joined the opera when she was very young and didn’t know too much about this art.

Shihua pudding is a unique dessert in Quanzhou, Jiangsu province. It is made from a type of seaweed called Shihuacao, which means stone flower grass; it grows on rocks and seashells by the ocean. Ding Bingzheng, is the Manager of a restaurant that specializes in this great pudding, where he is the fifth generation that knows how to prepare this delicious and typical dish. Mr. Bingzheng will give us an amazing explanation on how to prepare Shihua pudding, fully handmade.

Nanyin Opera (南音),  which in English means: “Music from the south”, is one of the most famous Chinese traditional operas, that among other things, has existed for over a 1,000 years and it is considered to be the most ancient musical art form in China.  Despite the fact that it has an extensive history and it is very important in the region, the professional opera's professors are limited and expensive.