Tsingtao Brewery had reached 100 countries! On August 11, China’s well-known Tsingtao Brewery held a press conference announcing that its products had reached 100 countries. Likewise, they launch their new and leading strategies for the “One Belt, One Road” ‘s market. Tsingtao Brewery is a long-standing company with more than 114 years of history and experience. They are pioneers in the brewery industry in China, and in innovative strategies for their development. The Qingdao-based company was China’s first major exporter in the modern times.

Through this video, Mr. Huang Kexing, President of Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited, will share with us the Company’s global branding strategy. Furthermore, you will be able to appreciate how they are going to create and generate new markets in the countries along the “One, Belt, One Road” initiative. You will watch several of the online and offline marketing campaigns they have developed for that purpose. Not to mention, the impressive and remarkable results they have achieved over the last years. Come on & let’s have a Tsingtao beer while we watch more about this magnificent company and their future tactics. Cheers!