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There is much interesting Internet content that helps us understand various concepts and themes. With the advent of World 2.0 and new technologies, we can know about almost any subject with just a click. It is possible to learn and be inspired by certain ideas that we meet the networks, this time I'll talk about the content of a video that I found surprising and has brought me a little closer to the desire and risk many entrepreneurs offered the day business day in order to thrive and be part of an effective and unique solution.

The video is called "The Railway That Links China & Rotterdam" and is a clear vision on how a complicated decision can change the way we understand the trade between Europe and Asia, being positive for both parties.



G & D Europe: Railway Solution Europe - Asia

Trade between Asia and particularly China with other European countries has always been a great alternative, a huge niche business that the distance can become very distant and difficult takes place. But what can you do about entrepreneurs who see orders to Asia continue to increase ?, This is the question that seeks to answer in the video and get yourself effectively, not before calibrating the pros and cons of this crucial decision.

The video tells the entrepreneurial adventure of two young founders of a transport company based in Rotterdam called G & D Europe, established in 2010 by Jan-Paul Vegt and its Chinese partner Liu Yonggao. They met at business school and together they watched the infinite possibilities that could offer, provide solutions to the trade routes between Europe and Asia and more specifically China.

Contextualizing a bit this situation, since 2013 the Chinese government has increased investment in improving rail connections and facilities. This has been the starting point to build the idea that rail transport could be a good idea to improve commercial services in the so-called Eurasia.

One of the great advantages of this video is showing truthfully as Jan-Paul Vegt and its Chinese partner Liu Yonggao analyze the situation and look like finding a viable solution.

First you can see a practical vision of how trade with China increases every year, companies trading with China increasingly usual. This is great news, as they are a perfect customer and increase the profits of many companies because the customer niche is quite broad. But where the problem arises ?, the biggest obstacle undoubtedly to trade with China with all the guarantees resides in transport use.

Jan-Paul Vegt and Liu Yonggao with an analytical study threshed the main problems contributing majoritarian transportation options that companies use today to trade with China: shipping is very slow, any company that accumulate items orders continuously transportation by sea does not offer the speed and flexibility to be able to dispose of all its products. On the other hand air travel it is quick and immediate, the most reliable in terms of time and speed choice, but becomes very costly, increasing spending large companies and companies that employ the method aerero to ship their products.


The big question:  is it possible to use the train?

One can say that the big question mark in this video is referring to whether they can trade routes between Europe and China by train; a question whose answer can make the future of many companies that do business with China.

Thus starts a battery of ideas to bring to life the idea of marking the trade route between Europe and China by rail. This is truly exciting to see, for all the advantages, difficulties and investigations that are needed to perform is to carry out this entrepreneurial idea.

However, the conclusions drawn from all this professional study are more than acceptable to carry out this great project. First we start from the basis of using the railway company China Railway Express, originated the starting point from Rotterdam or Germany can direct our goods to the Chinese giant.

G & D Europe have established a strategy that can ship goods to China in land transport, particularly by rail. Planning and calculation of this great entrepreneurial idea gives results in two basic points: a level of speed and time it takes almost a month less than the time it takes to ship goods by sea. The other point is the reference to the economy, according to estimates by the two protagonists of the video, Jan-Paul Vegt and Liu Yonggao, a savings of about 2 million related to logistics costs are calculated.

So G & D Europe has established a very attractive option for companies, providing rail service logistics, strategically help them implement their larger corporate goal: send European products to China at the lowest possible cost.

It is highly recommended to watch the video to feel like a risky idea is brought about satisfactorily, helping to bring greater benefit and lower costs to businesses. All work to develop both Jan-Paul Vegt as Liu Yonggao, you may perceive as our own and see how successfully it is carried out without suffering no doubts and questions that precede the whole process.

For me it was mue comforting to see how these entrepreneurs locate a problem and are able to find the best solution to keep continuing with its corporate history. A great example of true professionals, G & D Europe are examples of how you can change things risking and working hard, in this case by implementing a solution that will serve millions of businesses to bring their products to China.



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