Do you like Puppets? Well, so don’t miss the chance to get to know the Chinese puppets in Quanzhou... The Jiang Jiazou-style puppet is one of the most traditional handicrafts in Quanzhou. It is not only well-known in this Chinese region but also it is recognized worldwide. Jiang Jiazou, is a brilliant, respected, and renowned puppet carving master, likewise, he is also recognized as the “father of puppet design” by the international puppet circle. At the same time, Huang Xueling, is also a Puppet Carving Master, being the third generation to use this unique technique. Her father, Huang Yiluo, was an apprentice from Master Jiang Jiazou, he had the great opportunity to learn all the special techniques and the use of the specific materials from this great personage. Huang Xueling inherited his knowledge, wisdom, and experience; now, she has impressive abilities and an impeccable technique. If you want to know more about the Jiang Jiazou-style puppet, Master Huang Yiluo skills, and expertise; furthermore, why he received many awards,  you have to watch this video and be part of the Chinese puppets.