Have you ever seen a 50 meters dining table? Perhaps in fairy tales we have. Well, the Hmong people do, and they certainly know how to do it. Located in the southwest China, in provinces such as Hunan, Guangdong, Yunnan, Sichuan, among others, the Hmong people have lived for centuries. Today, we will travel to a village near Guiyang, where we will discover their unique and mysterious ancient customs throughout an exceptional festivity. By the way, the Hmong people also follow their own calendar, which means that they have likewise their own New Year. So then, during this time they celebrate an Ancient Festival, full of color, music, dancing and of course, singing. All through this holiday, they share candies and snacks, which by the way have their own special and single meaning during this festival. But, what about the food? And the dining table?. Well, there is no doubt that this festival includes delicious and exquisite typical dishes. And indeed, it is all served in an amazing and huge 50 meters dining table, can you imagine that? All together as a huge family? I don’t. It is fascinating don’t you think? Then, let’s go together and travel through time with the Hmong people and their ancient festival ... Bon Voyage!