The Art of Embroidery... In ancient times, women from the Jiangmen area (Wuxi City), were supposed to learn this precious and traditional technique. The art of embroidery is an ancient technique full of details, perfection, and distinction. Nowadays, in this special and particular region is possible to find experts with extensive knowledge and a certain charisma. And is that, in order to acquire the embroidery technique, we must learn how to use the colors, understand the contrasts and its details; moreover, the different kinds of stitches. But even so, this art is not easy to learn. It requires a person with artistic skills, patience, calmness, and a perfectionist.

The distinguished expert Zhao Hongyu explains, illustrates and shares her experience, as a National Master of Industrial Art, in the Art of Embroidery. Likewise, one of the most important tasks she had, was to replicate Jin Jiaxiang’s  paint in embroidery. This great artist created an amazing paint inspired in the beautiful, impressive and magnificent Yantze River through the Wuxi City, Jiangsu province. Furthermore, Wuxi City is well-known for their expertise in the Art of Embroidery, which includes a Guinness Record Award obtained back in 1994.  If you want to continue learning about this city and its uniqueness, let's go ahead and click play to look what else does this city has to offer!