Dounan Flower Market is located in Yunnan province in the south of China, it is the largest wholesaler of flowers of Asia. Producers and distributors meet in this place in an intense barging with the objective to satiate the demand of the international market. FloraHolland is located in the Netherlands, it is the largest flower auction in the world; they sell more than 20 million flowers and plants per day. FloraHolland is the role model of Dounan Flower Market. Since Dounan Flower Market was established, its main purpose has always been to look forward to improving their techniques and increase the usage of the latest technologies. They are learning the know-how and the best practices from the finest in the flower market. Definitely, they are doing an impressive job that is reflected in their fast growth and their current annual trade, which is around 700 million RMB. If you want to know more about Dounan Flower Market and their future projects, click here.