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Beijing Fashion Week, promoted mainly by the agency BON Cloud, is a fashion event that lasts about a week, where various designers and fashion houses present their new creations and fashion trends. The international event takes place in Beijing (Peking) in China, once every two years and focuses on corporate social responsibility. This activity is centered on the use of ethical and moral practices, for the socio-environmental protection and on artistic creation and technological craftsmanship.




The video producer agency BON Cloud did an excellent campaign to promote cultural this event, judging that this fashion show deserves more attention than the usual fashion shows, for its ethical component. The whole history of the Beijing Fashion Week can be found on the official website of BON Cloud:

The innovative decision to promote this ideology of civic responsibility is a voluntary and relatively revolutionary, trying to prioritize responsible practices before profit. Ethical practices adhering to the Beijing Fashion Week are recommended by various international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Commission, the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development, the International Labour Organization, the Standard Ethics in Brussels, Social Accountability International and other humanitarian agencies notes. R. Edward Freeman, Giancarlo Pallavicini, Bruno de Finetti and Gino Zappa are among the most famous intellectuals of this theoretical economic thinking to current businesses that seek the sustainability of long-term human and environmental point of view.

The basic requirements for the international work include: the exclusion of child and forced labor, the recognition of working hours comply with the law, a decent wage for workers, ensure trade union association, guaranteeing collective bargaining of workers, ensure safety and the healthiness of the workplace and to prevent any kind of sexual discrimination, racial, political and religious. Beyond the legal and fundamental requirements listed above, the companie that adhere to corporate social responsibility, such as the Beijing Fashion Week, will take on more responsibility that should be verified by various associations, some mentioned above.

In large part, the characteristics of a socially responsible business, as the company Snow Lotus, always present at the Beijing Fashion Week, include:

• Environmental sustainability with proper recycling, waste management and water resources, the use of renewable energy and reusable materials, the use of supply "green" chains that reduce the consumption of paper and plastic, the adoption of leadership in Energy and Environmental Design as standard construction, etc.

• The involvement of the community; this can include raising money for local charities by providing volunteers, sponsoring of local events, employing local workers, supporting local economic growth, engaging in fair trade practices, etc.

• The ethical marketing techniques which consists in abandoning the population manipulation through a series of false advertising methods.




Beijing Fashion Week has built into its business model responsible behavior since its foundation in 1997 and continues to improve its practices and influence other companie to follow her to this day. The fashion event in Beijing has boomed in recent years thanks to the favorable congruence with the rise in popularity of ethical consumerism over the last two decades. Today's consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental and social implications of their consumption decisions.

2016 sees the arrival of Snow Lotus as a world leader in the production of cashmere. This brand has become emblematic, presents his handmade creations on the catwalk of Beijing. The trademark Snow Lotus produces clothing of high quality cashmere since 1965. The general director of Snow Lotus, Chen Xiaoqing, remember the hard work and the dedication of his first days of 1983 as an apprentice in the dye lab. Her passion made her rise in the ranks to become the factory female drivers, similar to a conductor. She takes care of virtually everything, from ensuring that employees work in a pleasant environment, up to making sure that the final products are eco-friendly and rispechino the standard very high quality.

Chen Xiaoqinq always giudato the Snow Lotus to the environmental sustainability and the local labor force, assuming artisans at the local level professionals to support the community and keep the low unemployment level. The mentality of Snow Lotus and the Beijing Fashion Week, in general, is: "People, Planet and Profit" and the order is not random, but suggests the priority of these brands.

The Snow Lotus creations can be deduced from the name itself: cashmere clothing, usually light-colored or contrastiche combinations, slightly fluffy, addatti both for work and for an exit in the city or casual nature, very comfortable and aesthetic, with compositions tasteful and creative. The texture of the materials, especially the prized cashmere is handcrafted with a lot of care and precision, to become an art in itself. This mindset in the micro, is also reflected in the macro Company Snow Lotus, proving that success can also be achieved by acting ethically and humanely.

Goats changthangi, whose wool is used for cashmere, which are also present in northern Italy, are treated ethically in various outdoor husbandry (free-range) to maintain the coherence of the ideology and moral ethics of the company, in refusing the idea of the inferiority of animals in front of people, often called "speciesism".

The Beijing Fashion Week and Snow Lotus are two almost revolutionary entities in the capitalist world and fashionista. Two companies that promote the technology concerning renewable sources, they think about the remote future and eco-sustainability. Fundamental concepts for the survival of humanity, saw the negative trend of the planet in terms of social and environmental terms. The Companies that voluntarily adhere to corporate social responsibility are really very few and not all are sincere in their intentions. Consumer awareness is becoming more and more important nowadays and it is imperative to support ethical companies to preserve and improve the world in which we live.





Written by Eduard Mircea Mihai Ciubotaru  Eduard-Mircea-Mihai-Ciubotaru-Profile
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