Breathtaking Buddha Statues. Zhangban is a beautiful town located in Quanzhou, Fujian province. Zhangban is well-known and recognized not only in China but also in other countries for their exquisite, elegant and impeccable carvings. The wooden Buddha statues are exclusive and special, full of details and colors, with different kinds, sizes and terminations, depending on the statue. You may find statues, where the original color of the wood is maintained and others with a colorful decoration. Through this video you will be able to appreciate the elaboration process, the step-by-step; people with full dedication, constancy, expertise and manual skills create these amazing statues. You can learn about the materials, tools and different terminations. You will be able to admire the impressive level of details, for instance in the faces, in the final decoration and much further. For artist and art lovers, this is a must video. Enjoy it!