Yunnan honey rose bean cake is one of the specialties of Richard Zhang, Executive Chef of the Yunnan Restaurant in Crowne Plaza Beijing Sun Palace, China. Yunnan honey rose bean cake is a recipe full of flavors and contrasts. As its name says, it is a perfect mixing of honey, roses and white beans among other ingredients, which at the end brings a spectacular combination of tastes. The roses are one of the most important ingredients of this recipe, for this reason, Chef Richard takes the best edible roses in the market. He explains that Yunnan edible roses are well-known and are the best in China; with high quality, strong flavor, and intense aroma.  The Yunnan honey rose bean cake is so tasty, that it can be an amazing accompaniment for a main course or a dessert for a perfect dinner. Along the video, Chef Richard will show us step-by-step how to cook this amazing specialty; so, if you want to learn how to prepare this exquisite recipe, this is your chance.