Discovering extraordinary skills in exceptional children. This amazing story unfolds in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province in the south-central of China. The students of Wuhan School for The Blind are the protagonists of this short but passionate story. Ms. Zhang is a very distinctive teacher who works in this impressive school. In 2011, she left the traditional education system where she had worked for many years to join this educational institution. She arrived with a different perspective and most amazingly, with new ways of teaching. Since the beginning, she encountered different kinds of situations not only with children but also with the parents.

Along the video, Ms. Zhang explains that the first time she went to the school she felt it was very quiet and depressing, compared with the previous schools she used to work. Yet this reality, instead of discouraging her, it strengthened her decision of being part of the life of these impressive children. Moreover, you will be able to appreciate how the children of this institution improve their quality of life and develop new and astonishing skills. Finally, we would like to extend an invitation to you to watch this inspiring story, in which perhaps as the same as we do, hope to become a part of these children's lives!