Yummy! The Best Pork Ribs in Town .... San Feng Qiao is a famous and well-known brand of pork ribs in Wuxi; it is recognized for its delicious and unique taste. San Feng Qiao pork ribs are very popular among the local people, but its reputation goes further, people from all China comes to this restaurant in order to eat and enjoy this exquisite dish. The flavorful sauce is the key to this delicious dish, it is what makes the pork ribs so special; an incredible fusion between sweet and salt. Delicious!

Since 1979, Cao Genlin has been cooking pork ribs; moreover, he is the 6th successor preparing this unique recipe. Nowadays, Cao Genlin is the Head Chef at Wuxi San Feng Qiao Meat Store and he is considered an expert in what refers to pork ribs. Throughout the video, he emphasizes that the person, who wants to learn how to cook this specialty, must be very strong and robust. Confused? Well, if you want to know how this famous restaurant prepares the pork ribs and why the cooker must be "strong", then this is your chance... Let's go and see how to cook some ribs!