Do you know what “wisdom” means? And did you know that there is a World Wisdom Day? Well, the World Wisdom Day is an important conference, where scholars, doctors, and Buddhist philosophers meet all together to exchange and share their knowledge about “wisdom”. This amazing event is led by the Master Ru Rui, head of the Buddhist Nunnery and Academy, which is located at Mount Wutai. It is a well-known place within the Buddhist, where each of the four mountains has a detail and distinct meaning. Likewise, during the same day, Master Ru Rui hosts the celebration of the birthday of the Bodhisattva Manjushri.

Through this video, you will be able to appreciate people from different backgrounds, who will share their opinion and point of view about the meaning of “wisdom”. In the same way, you will have the chance to get to know more about the Buddhist Nuns from the Buddhist Nunnery and Academy. Every day hundreds of women meet together seeking for wisdom, developing new habits, and modifying their lifestyle to become Buddhist nuns. Moreover, you will experience their life through the process of spiritual transformation and development. Last but not least important, Master Ru Rui will share her thoughts and beliefs around the significance of wisdom. Come on & join us through this incredible journey to Mount Wutai and let's discover together the fascinating and intriguing significance of wisdom!