Searching for Father! The main character of this interesting story is a Russian video blogger named Valeria Frolova. The last time she saw her father, she was only 5 years old. Her mother explained to her that he went on an Expedition to the South Pole. She missed him all day long. She waited for him every day to come home and share with her all his adventures and experiences. Unfortunately, it never happened. Now, she is grown up and faces a decision that could change her life forever. 

Through this video, Valeria Frolova will share with us her motivating life story and the great adventure she will start. She will tell us her reasons and motivations in undertaking this exciting and adventurous journey. Likewise, she will describe to us how when she was drinking a Tsingtao beer at her favorite restaurant became such important event. Come on and don’t miss the chance to watch this exciting story!