The Buddhist Monks from Longquan Monastery, located in the Haidian District of the capital of China, Beijing, have found an innovative way to spread their beliefs and keep them in time. And is that the monks of the 1000-year-old temple are using up-to-date strategies to share the Buddhist’s wisdom and spirituality within the new and old generations. Using technology the Longquan Temple Comic Centre created "Xian'er", known more easily as, the Robot Monk. And as the name says, yes, indeed, it is a robot. The Robot Monk main purpose is to deliver Master Xuechengs’s (学诚) teachings and wisdom. At the moment, this robot is giving the opportunity to people of all ages to learn about the Buddhist traditions, teachings, culture and religion, in a friendly, funny and interactive way. But don’t be fooled, Xian’er is not only a robot that interacts with people; he is also the main character of his own cartoon series. As any other comic book hero, Robot Monk from Longquan Monastery, is also characterized through clay animations, where monks and volunteers all join in a common cause, the creation of Robot Monk’s Cartoon. They participate in all phases, from the design of the cartoon characters until the final production of the animation. Finally, the Robot Monk Xian’er’s cartoon is posted on social media platforms, such as Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. Xian’er’s cartoon went so viral that it already counts with more than 200,000 searches online. Hence, if you want to know more about the unique Buddhist Robot Monk and about the 1000-year-old Longquan Monastery, go ahead and click the play icon and start learning from the Buddhist monks and its teachings!