Awe-inspiring story of a non-profit organization teaching Traditional Tibetan Art! Rangtang Jonang Intangible Cultural Heritage Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching traditional Tibetan art and the preservation of Tibetan cultural heritage. Rangtang is on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the ‘roof of the world’ where more than 60 mountains exceed 4,500 meters above sea level. This center offers incredible opportunities for young people, who come from poor family backgrounds or are unemployed. The selected students will have the chance to be certified as Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters without paying tuition fees. In view of the success of this remarkable Center, it has become an outstanding and significant model to follow. Nowadays, the Rangtang model has 26 intangible cultural heritage centers, where not only they are protecting the traditional culture but they are also providing economic growth to the poorest rural areas of China.

Through this video, you will be able to appreciate how this model works. Likewise, Master Jianyang Lezhu Rinpoche, a Buddhist monk, will share some additional insights about this remarkable model. If you want to learn more about this extraordinary and inspiring model, don’t hesitate to click and watch the video!