Let’s have some Spring Rolls! Quanzhou’s Spring Rolls, an amazing combination of flavors... Quanzhou, a beautiful city in Fujian Province, is legendary not only for its long history but also for the delicious local cuisine, such as, of course, the flavorful spring rolls. The “Yafo Spring Roll Shop” is a very famous and recognized shop among the local people. The reason, this shop owns an incredible, tasty and over 100-years recipe, which by the way, was also declared “Intangible Cultural Heritage”. Fu Guozhong, is the owner of this special and exceptional place in Quanzhou. He is now the fourth generation that prepares the spring rolls with this distinctive and singular technique. The Quanzhou’s Spring Rolls are different from those you may find in Beijing and Xiamen, starting simply because the preparation and the ingredients vary from one place to another.  Throughout this video, Fu Guozhong shows us the traditional preparation process, the ingredients, the technique and the duration of the whole procedure. Everything is handmade, which takes an exponential importance since this technique is always the same, even in high seasons, when he prepares hundreds of wrappers... It is amazing! If you want to learn a traditional preparation method of one of the most famous dishes in Chinese food; not to mention the amazing, tasty and flavorful recipe of Quanzhou’s Spring Rolls.... What are you waiting for? Click play and let’s start cooking!