First class ships in Quanzhou. During the Song and Yuan Dynasties, between the 10th and 14th centuries, Quanzhou in Fujian province, was considered the largest oriental port in the world.  Chen Fangcai, is a ship-builder, he is recognized for his impressive and impeccable technique, when it comes to ships. His techniques can be considered as a national heritage since they count with more than 600 years of antiquity. His wooden ships are powerful, strong and very safe, holding the best quality materials. Every ship is built with the greatest care and with perfect details. Along the video, he shares one of his most memorable anecdotes. On that occasion, a Taiwanese adventurer went to visit him because he had a special request. He wanted him to build a unique and original ship, powerful and capable of crossing the Pacific Ocean. Do you want to know, if Master Fangcai accepted the challenge? Who was this adventurer? And did he achieve his voyage? Let’s go and see what happen sailors!