Nanyin Opera (南音),  which in English means: “Music from the south”, is one of the most famous Chinese traditional operas, that among other things, has existed for over a 1,000 years and it is considered to be the most ancient musical art form in China.  Despite the fact that it has an extensive history and it is very important in the region, the professional opera's professors are limited and expensive. For this reason, Cai Yayi, an opera’s performer, started teaching people that are passionate and wish to learn Nanyin Opera, regardless of their economic resources. She explains that this special opera is a fusion or, even better, a “matrix” of all the other traditional operas around Quanzhou, including Gaojixi, liyuanxi, Dachengxi, Mu’ouxim, among others. Along the video, you will be able to see another great opera performer, who studied at the Art Academy, and now, he performs in different places in Quanzhou. He shares his experience and life story, how his family supported him in the process of becoming an amazing performer. If you want to know more about the Nanyin Opera and the life of these great performers... Go on, click play and let’s sing together.