Do you know what “Iron Flower” is? The “Iron Flower” is a marvelous and traditional Chinese cultural heritage, consisting of molten metal flung onto walls and trees. When it impacts you will be able to appreciate an extraordinary and surprising show of sparks. The melted iron can reach a temperature of 1800 degrees. During the Lantern Festival, it is possible to see this spectacular and unique pyrotechnics show. It is believed that the “Iron Flower” was originated over 300 years ago as an inexpensive alternative to fireworks.

Yan Qi is the main character of this interesting and exciting story. He is the fifth generation practitioner of the “iron flower”. He has been learning and working in this traditional Chinese art for almost 10 years. Through this video, Yan Qi will share with us his life experiences and the challenges of learning the “Iron Flower”. He will explain to us why he decided to learn and be a practitioner of this Chinese cultural heritage. Come on let’s see more about this amazing Chinese art!