New opportunities in the desert! This amazing story unfolds in the desert of Kubuqi, located in Inner Mongolia in the north of China. The main character is Babu, a 40-year old man who has a very exciting job. He drives off-road vehicles for a living. He tells us that since his childhood, off-road vehicles have been his passion. In other words, his hobby has become his full-time job. Babu lives with his entire family in this breathtaking and exotic land. He and his wife met 15 years ago in Bayannur, a regional city in western Inner Mongolia.

In this video, Babu shares with us his experiences and the biggest challenges he has faced during his life, in particular the geography of the surrounding landscape. Furthermore, you will be able to appreciate the impressive transformation of this province and how this distinctive family changed their way of life. You will also discover how an important project developed in this region has given him and his family great benefits and a higher quality of life.