Su YongJun has a very interesting job, he makes glazed tiles. His family has been producing glazed tiles for over 680 years. He is the eighth-generation inheritor of Taiyuan city’s Su-style glazed tiles techniques. When he was young, he used to work in another sector; he didn’t know how to make the tiles. Later, he understood and recognized the cultural heritage his family had. He started to learn and through the years he gained deep knowledge in the production of these amazing pieces of art. Now, the glazed tiles have become his greatest passion. Each piece requires patience, perseverance, and the ability to see and discover fine details in the glazed tiles.

In this video, Su YongJun will share his life story and his background as an heir of Chinese glazed tile craft. He will explain to us the production process of making glazed tiles. Likewise, he will present his most representative pieces of glazed tiles. Come on and let’s learn more about this wonderful and unique Chinese art!