Red-beaked seagulls are very popular and important in Kunming every winter these birds arrive to enjoy the amazing weather, plus the tranquility that Kunming has to offer them. Furthermore, the local people are always happy to welcome these beautiful birds and feed them, at the end they are part of their family.

It’s been 30 years since the first arrival to China of the red-beaked seagulls; they stay for the winter and then they leave. However, the local people always wondered, where are those birds coming from, and where do they go after their pleasant time here in Kunming. In order to answer these questions, a couple of experts decided to try to solve this mystery,  regarding the red-beaked seagull’s migratory route. Along the video, you will be able to find out and comprehend the red-beaked seagull’s migratory route and the method used by the experts to find out about it.