Seeking new ideas to help people. Luo Li is a consultant of the Bird’s Nest Culture Center located in Beijing, China. At the moment, she is starting a new and very inspiring project, which is called “Ice and Art City”. Along the video, she will explain to us how hard is to find investors interested in these special and innovative social projects. One of the main things that cause difficulties in this process is the reality of the rural places in China. Therefore, investors don't see the return on the investment.

On the other hand, she will share with us a little bit of her background and extensive experience. Furthermore, you will be able to understand the importance of the situation and the improvements that could be achieved. She will present a different point of view, a perspective where this amazing project is more than only an investment. It is a possibility to improve the quality of life for many people that live in the rural areas of China. Come on and let’s learn more about the project “Ice and Art City”, be part of this idea!