A glimpse to the Tibetan Buddhism. Chuanzhu Temple is a Buddhist temple located in the Songpan County at the northwestern of Sichuan Province. This County has a population of approximately 68,000 - between Tibetan, Qiang, Han and Hui - people. Unfortunately, Chuanzhu Temple is unknown by the majority of people. It is a small and modest temple, where most of the monks are local.

Tibetan Buddhism is also known as Lamaism. Tibetan people have different ways of showing their dedication to this particular faith; they use the rolling pray wheel and learn about Buddha in the temple. In Tibet rolling the pray wheel can be seen everywhere and is practiced by people of all kinds and all ages. Learn more about Tibetan Buddhism and Chuanzhu temple in here, with us, BON Cloud, where the Chuanzhu Temple is the main character of this story.