Photographer Cheng Xu focuses on autistic children. As a father, he realizes that parents of autistic kids have more challenges. He hopes his photography can help the children get the support they need. The protagonist of the story is Cheng Xu. He is a concerned photographer focusing on autistic children. Cheng Xu got in touch with autistic children from 2010 when he determined to devote himself to this public welfare undertaking ever since. In the following six years, he took more than 20,000 photos for about 100 families and told one story after another about the growth autistic children with his camera. In his words, “Concerned photography has become part of my life, as a concerned photographer, I hope to attract more attention on autistic sufferers and their families with my camera. I hope that they lead a life with dignity, status, and hope." In addition, Cheng Xu has made lots of attempts to draw more attention to autism. He has initiated a photography program for public welfare undertaking, or a trilogy features respectively autistic children, families affected by autism, and special education teachers. Based on this program, he has held related photography exhibitions as well.