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Discover this exciting new media initiative. Connect with content covering stories about Chinese businesses going international with sponsored, ready-to-air professional video content.



BON Cloud is a China content supply platform that features 4,000+ ready-to-air, short video stories, and footage across a wide range of topics including travel, the arts, corporate social responsibility, business, and technology, featuring the mover-and-shaker Chinese cities, companies, and organizations.

Through connecting with media worldwide, including the Associated Press, CNN, and Bloomberg, BON Cloud is putting more and more China cities and companies on the map, with the goal of going global with increasing volume of high-quality native video content.

All the BON Cloud platform, all video content is original and unique, from story concept, through planning, production, and post-production. Utilizing BON Cloud’s proprietary production hub, production teams from different around the world are involved in the story angle planning and creation, while BON Cloud media consultants from outlets including Reuters, MNC, ABC, and Discovery, evaluate and advise on the planning stages. With these safeguards in place, BON Cloud ensures the production of high-quality content that best reflects the sponsor’s positioning and branding, while ensuring highly watchable content from the audience perspective.

After the content been submitted to the BON Cloud content inventory platform, media publishers and channels register to access the content and download, and prepare it for their broadcasting needs, with ready-to-air content, raw video, and an English dubbed version.

BON Cloud specializing in China-focused content from concept through to broadcast. With more and more China business entities seeking to cooperate directly with international media (instead of going through traditional PR agencies), BON Cloud provides the flexibility to fill that important space as a native content platform that services the needs of both China content creators and international media companies alike.

As BON Cloud launches this initiative, we call all media outlets to consider the convenience and efficiency of utilizing our content supply resources, helping you with localizing and distributing BON Cloud videos, assisting with the most appropriate content decisions for your audience, and maximizing the value of your lineup and media resources.

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Written by 诺娜 Nona 
Executive Director - International Business Department at BON Cloud
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