Artron takes the printing industry to another level! Artron Art Group was founded in 1993 in Shenzhen, China. Through the years this impressive company has managed to join traditional printing with the latest IT trends creating extraordinary and breathtaking pieces of art. “United” is a unique and exclusive publication which records all the highlights of 128 years of history of the Manchester United Football Club. This publication was a great success and an important key to becoming a well-known international company. They make evident their extensive experience and high-class level printing services. Antron’s team includes experienced and specialized professionals in different areas. They used high-quality tech machinery and equipment. Likewise, they are committed to constant research and development of new technologies and materials offering their customers high-quality and unique products. Along the video, you will enjoy a new way of reading books. Moreover, you will be able to appreciate unique art in a marvelous and exclusive book. Come on & let’s see Antron’s innovative books!