Raising awareness of autism in China. This year Beijing’s Water Cube has created a special and exceptional event looking forward generating awareness of autism. They hosted the Seventh Light it up blue public interest event. Cece is not only a consultant in Beijing’s Water Cube Youth Development Center but also Billy’s mother. CeCe and Billy are the main characters of this remarkable story. She will explain to us that although he is autistic, all his family understands and supports him in his development and everything that empowers him.

Along the video, she will share with us her experience during this process and the challenges she has faced. She doesn’t fight over the situation; on the contrary, she embraces the reality and accepts Billy how he is. Cece is always looking forward to teaching him how to be independent in all his daily life activities. Today we have great pleasure in inviting you to join Beijing’s Water Cube Event and be part of Billy’s story!